David Bowie 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' Mask Sculpture (Unique Raku Piece)

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David Bowie 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' Mask Sculpture (Unique Raku Piece)

Available at a large discount! This is an experimental sculpture by maria Primolan from her early work and it is selling for a great price.

The marks on the sculptures are caused by the temperature of the kiln during the firing process, marks are unique on all raku sculptures and it is hard to control where these will appear.

This sculpture is currently in the UK so if you are a UK buyer and are worried about customs fees if buying directly from Italy, this is your opportunity.

This Face Sculpture is inspired by David Bowie. 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'.

Artist - Maria Primolan @mariaprimolansculptor

The sculpture is made of Raku Ceramic Clay and has undergone the Raku process, so it is very resistant and strong.

Dimensions- H 20 x W 15 x D 6 cm

Each Sculpture has a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene and is carefully packed to send Worldwide by courier.

UK Shipping only £9.50 (No Customs Fees)


The Sculpture remains white after the first fire and is colored after the second fire.
During the Raku process some small cracks or little black points appear on the sculpture, this adds beauty and character and with this technique it makes every piece unique. The Raku process creates very strong sculptures with the differing high fire temperatures used when creating this piece.

After first fire color is added the eyes and the lips using ceramic color, then added to the sculpture is the “glaze”. Then the hair is colored with oxide colors, copper, iron and i put in the second kiln. Until it hits 970 degrees. Then we can open the kiln and put the sculpture on “bed of leaves, wooden dust..” and cover for 2-3 minutes, here the chemical reaction occurs, then the sculpture is unveiled and we discover the final product, and finally it is polished.

Customs charges may apply depending on your countries import regulations. These bolts are shipping from the UK so UK orders will not incur any customs charges, we have already paid these.

UK Shipping 1-2 Working days
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Rest of World 10-14 working days

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