Jeff 'Skins' Williams

We are proud to announce an Exclusive Collaboration with Jeff ‘Skins’ Art, here we introduce you to the artist @artbyskin and his work. 

We are happy to offer many of Jeff's Original Paintings and High Quality Prints for sale with Worldwide delivery!


“To make a difference through ART.”

One way Jeff achieves this is by painting celebrities and leading figures who feel the same way.

The paintings he creates are then offered to the celebrities fan base or offered to major companies clients at various gala dinners throughout the year with all of the money going to the chosen charity.

The fans and clients get an opportunity to acquire a unique gift, the celebrity or company contributes to a good cause, and he gets to fulfil his dream of making a difference through ART.


“I want to create striking stop and stare paintings that generate passionate debate.”

How…Why…What… was the artist thinking or feeling when he chose those colours?

Just like your favourite music reaches inside you, I want my work to transport the viewer above and beyond the increasingly homogenised world we live in and scream WHY NOT?

I want your spirit to be fully engaged. Drawn in and seduced by brush stokes and a palette that demands further inspection.

Normal, conventional, mundane, people and ART leaves me cold.

My aim is to stir emotion, and I sincerely hope my work conveys that.


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