Bruce Springsteen White Clay Sculpture

Bruce Springsteen White Clay Sculpture

This clay sculpture is inspired by Bruce Springsteen, we have two sculptures of Bruce Springsteen available, this piece Bruce is without his iconic headband.

This sculpture is made on demand, when you order Maria will begin work and will send you photos of your Sculpture after 7-10 days once the clay has dried and finishing touches are added.

Artist - Maria Primolan @mariaprimolansculptor

The sculpture is made of white terracotta clay. All Sculptures are made and shipped from Italy.

Dimensions without base/metal bar - H 29 x W 18 x D 15.5 (cm)

There is a wooden pedestal with metal bar/or/wood to lean on a table. The pieces have a wooden base and bar treated with rust effect color.

Each Sculpture has a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene and is carefully packed to send Worldwide by courier.

The Sculpture includes a certificate signed by the artist. Some sculptures have a certificate signed from Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Export Office.

Customs charges may apply depending on your countries import regulations.

DM @davidbowiereal on Instagram or use the 'Contact' page for more information!