Cracked Actor - David Bowie - White Clay Sculpture


Artist - Maria Primolan @mariaprimolansculptor

'The sculpture is inspired by David Bowie in the video of the NACHO'S 45th ANNIVERSARY RIGHT REDUX, new edit and sync of 1974 David Bowie rehearsal footage, cut with Right from Bowie’s 1975 album Young Americans. The measurements are based on the Real Mask of the same year, reproduced by artist Mark Wardel.'

The sculpture is made of White Clay.

Dimensions - H 34 x W 18 x D 18 cm
Height with Stand - 40cm
Weight of Sculpture - 2.6kg

There is a wooden pedestal with wooden bar to display the sculpture on a table.

This sculpture is currently in the UK so if you are a UK buyer and are worried about customs fees if buying directly from Italy, this is your opportunity.

Each Sculpture has a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene and is carefully packed to send Worldwide by courier.


Shipping Costs-
Italy - £25
Europe- £65
United Kingdom - £25
United States - £85
Rest Of World- £105

Customs charges may apply depending on your countries import regulations.

DM @davidbowiereal on Instagram or use the 'Contact' page for more information!