Freddie Mercury - Hand Painted Clay Bust Sculpture


This clay sculpture is inspired by Freddie Mercury as part of a new series of life like bust sculptures, this is the first painted bust in the series to be released. Harry Styles and David Bowie bust sculptures are also being made along with smaller mask versions.

Artist - Maria Primolan @mariaprimolansculptor

Once Maria had sculpted this piece and was happy it was time to paint Freddies iconic black hair and Moustache adding extra detaill to the eyes and skin to give an extremely life like finish. The sculpture has a Matte finish which adds to the look and soft texture when touching the surface it is almost like Freddie will start moving. By creating the bust Maria was able to capture Freddies iconic bright Yellow jacket, making the sculpture instantly recognisable.

The sculpture is made with white clay, Maria has used a heavier clay for this sculpture that she normally uses for her Raku pieces. The sculpture is open at the back, the stand inserts through its hollow centre.

All Sculptures are made and shipped from Italy.

Dimensions without base/metal bar - H 39 x W 20.5 x D 18.5 (cm)
Weight of sculpture excluding stand - 4.1kg
Weight of Stand - 0.8kg

There is a custom made black round painted wooden pedestal and metal bar included with this sculpture allowing you to display this piece on any flat surface.

If sold we can custom make another so just get in contact with us!
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Each Sculpture has a wooden box, bubble wrap/polystyrene and is carefully packed to send Worldwide by DHL Express.

The Sculpture includes a certificate signed by the artist. Some sculptures have a certificate signed from Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Export Office.
Customs charges may apply depending on your countries import regulations.

Shipping Costs-
Italy- £30
Europe- £90
United Kingdom -£105
United States - £133
Rest Of World- £165

If you have any questions about possible customs charges feel free to email - [email protected]

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Since leaving the EU all UK orders are subject to Duty charges, if these are applied to your Sculpture send me an email and I will pay £10 of your fee.

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