Golden Aladdin Sane (Premium Framed Prints)

£85.00 - £650.00
Golden Aladdin Sane (Premium Framed Prints)

A Special Limited Edition Collaboration of @DavidBowieReal and Wade

David Bowie portrait. Inspired by the Aladdin Sane album cover sessions, by Brian Duffy, 1972.

Artist- Steve Wade

You are looking at the original painting for which Limited Edition prints will be available.

- A1 cradled wood panel (23” x 33”).
- Acrylic painting with Gold Leaf
- The painting will be prepared with Gloss varnish prior to delivery.
- All paintings are signed by the artist Wade
- Hand built black floating frame.
- Ready to hang.

Limited Edition Signed Prints Available-

12” x 8” - framed prints - £85
18” x 12” - framed prints - £165
24” x 16” - framed prints - £185

Bowie’s eyes were actually the same color, but his pupils were different sizes giving the illusion of different colored eyes.

All costs include packing and delivery.