Oversized Glam Sparkle Sunglasses (18 Colour Options)


Oversized Fashion Sunglasses, very Sparkly and very Glam!

Perfect for Summer and Parties! Full of sparkle and glitter with a lightning bolt metal side frame.

Various Colour Options Available - 18 in Total.

Style Options-
1- Blue Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
2- Red Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens
3- Multicolour Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
4- Purple Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
5- Green Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens
6- Blue Sparkle/Gold Legs/Blue Lens
7- Multicolour Sparkle/Pink Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
8- Hot Pink Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Lens
9- Multicolour Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
10- Gold Sparkle/White Legs/Beige Tinted Lens
11- Pink Sparkle/Pink Legs/Pink tinted Lens
12- Pink Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
13- Gold Sparkle/Gold Legs/Black Tinted Lens
14- Black Sparkle/Gold legs/Yellow Lens
15- Brown Sparkle/Gold Legs/Brown Tinted Lens
16- Silver Sparkle/Gold Legs/Tinted Lens
17- Silver Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
18- Orange Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens

Frame - Metal/Palstic
Lens - Plastic UV400
Weight - 60 grams
Black Glasses Pouch

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