Oversized Glam Sparkle Sunglasses (18 Colour Options)

Oversized Glam Sparkle Sunglasses (18 Colour Options)

Oversized Fashion Sunglasses, very Sparkly and very Glam!

Perfect for Summer and Parties! Full of sparkle and glitter with a lightning bolt metal side frame.

Various Colour Options Available - 18 in Total.

Style Options-
1- Blue Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
2- Red Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens
3- Multicolour Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
4- Purple Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
5- Green Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens
6- Blue Sparkle/Gold Legs/Blue Lens
7- Multicolour Sparkle/Pink Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
8- Hot Pink Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Lens
9- Multicolour Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
10- Gold Sparkle/White Legs/Beige Tinted Lens
11- Pink Sparkle/Pink Legs/Pink tinted Lens
12- Pink Sparkle/Gold Legs/Pink Tinted Lens
13- Gold Sparkle/Gold Legs/Black Tinted Lens
14- Black Sparkle/Gold legs/Yellow Lens
15- Brown Sparkle/Gold Legs/Brown Tinted Lens
16- Silver Sparkle/Gold Legs/Tinted Lens
17- Silver Sparkle/Black Legs/Tinted Lens
18- Orange Sparkle/White Legs/Tinted Lens

Frame - Metal/Palstic
Lens - Plastic UV400
Weight - 60 grams
Black Glasses Pouch

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