David Bowie Colourful Metal Posters

David Bowie Colourful Metal Posters

Custom Made and Designed David Bowie Colourful Metal Wall Posters!
Choose from 3 different designs.

- Free "Magnet mounting kit"
- Easy mounting
- Robust, long-lasting and stainless material
- High printing quality
- Waterproof surface
- Not containing any harmful materials
- Metal poster can be aligned and changed easily

Metal poster dimensions: 40 x 28cm. (15.7" x 11")

You can create wonderful poster collections using by our free 'magnet mounting kit' cents with the poster, allowing you to mount the posters using without any nail or hammer. If you want to use nail you can fasten the magnet up on the surface and then mount the poster on the magnet. Allows you to change the poster using the same magnet.

High quality posters are suitable for indoor use, can be mounted and aligned easily on the surface.

Printed, Shipped and Delivered Worldwide in 7-30 days!